Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tired Thursday

Don't take too long brushing your teeth, or Rose #3 might fall asleep on you:

And my little reader, Rose #2, actually took to her bed when requested and is reading a storybook:
Rose #1 (Hat Hair!) is the lone rebel who is not in her bed yet:
We had all three Roses' conferences over the past week. Rose #1 is a very earnest student. Her reading level is very advanced, and she works hard in math and excels in phy ed. Rose #2 got high reading marks as well and is advancing as a mathematician. Her Visual Arts scores were her highest scores. Rose #3 is a big, big helper in kindergarten. She is doing so well on her reading: she knows all the sight words on the kindergarten wall, and tonight she filled out a counting sheet on which she counted to 100! (I love how little kids make their 9s backwards. So cute.)

I am always relieved when conferences are over and everyone is on track. Are the teachers evaluating us at the same time they evaluate the girls? I don't know how they can help but do that. I certainly would, in their shoes. We have really been blessed with excellent teachers so far, and this year is no exception.

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Anonymous said...

how is rose 1 a lone rebel?