Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Midweek (Post 2 of 30)

This is midweek chez nous. Three loads of laundry clean but unfolded. We haven't done laundry since Sunday - so that's about right, one load per day. After dinner each night, Harrison and I split up. One of us does dishes and supervises the making of lunches. The other goes upstairs to supervise showers, fold laundry, supervise the picking out of outfits for the next day. Tonight Harrison went up while I did the dishes; here is a shot of him posing with his laundry handiwork:

Looking at this picture makes me realize that we have had this bed linen for approximately ever. I hate buying new bed linen. Here's why: I never feel like I am getting the best deal or that I know what the best design is for my room, my house, whatever. I hate investigating such things as who has the best white sale, what are the trends in bed linens, etc. I hate having too many choices; I would rather have two choices and to make a gut decision to go with one of them. (I am about as far "J" as you can get on the Myers-Briggs type indicator. This is a quality I had in common with my mother. I think it is one of the reasons that we got along so well; our minds worked in a similar fashion in these matters.) So, I keep the same quilt from Marshall's for 18 years. It is rather frayed in spots and coming apart in others. I think we should probably replace it, but I just can't bear it. Another secret you never knew about me that I have now revealed...

Have you noted my hopeful "post X of 30" yet? I am still hoping to post every day on November. Feel free to leave an encouraging comment if you like!


Anonymous said...

You go, my sister! I love an every day post because then I can look at my darling nieces.
Even with wolverine claws, they are cute.
P.S. I am a "J", too. Is it genetic?

Anonymous said...

Post every day! Then I can see my cute nieces more.
Your very "J" sister. Is it genetic?

Ginny Stryker Brodeen said...

Peggy, you should try smart
Better linens than Herbergers with a coupon.
Shipped to your house. Great quality. No fuss.Gin