Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Tribulations (Post 8 of 30! Yay!)

Tonight is H's class night, so it's just me and the girls. We ate a hurried dinner (hooray for frozen ravioli!) and rushed over to the rec center to vote. Then we came home for cleanup, including showers. I thought it would be a delightful surprise to pick out a (Mommy-style) outfit for Rose #3 while she was in the shower:

It didn't go over very well ("You don't know ANYTHING about FASHION! I am the ONE who KNOWS about FASHION!" Alas, this is true.):
Rose #2 found a mask from her Harry Potter book and insisted that I take a picture of her (for some reason I think that her mouth looks like me in this picture...ah, grasping at straws for a mother whose children do not resemble her in the slightest):
Technically, this picture is cheating. I took it last night after Rose #1 fell asleep on the radiator in my room. Um, ouch. Uncomfortable!
Harrison's classes are almost over, for good! Hooray! You're all invited to the graduation party (next spring)!

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