Thursday, November 3, 2011

Merrily We Roll Along (3 of 30! Woot!)

Today at school Rose #3 made me a special surprise. A secret book! Can you read it below? ("Mommy and Me Secret Book")

The book is for Mom and Rose #3 Lin (OK, my whole anonymity thing is wearing a little thing, but still...):
In the book, I am blonde and very, very tall. Also I wear halter dresses that go up to my neck and go down to mid-thigh. And my blonde, blue-eyed children are only knee-high to me:
The artist herself actually prefers her Dad:
But she looks very cute when she is done in the shower:
Rose #2 is supposed to read out loud every night for 10 minutes. I would say that she does it about 80% of the time. Tonight she is reading the Chronicles of the Red King:
Here's her closeup:
And Rose #1 gets to play Khan Academy (which is an online math program that Harrison really likes and is willing to bend the "no screen time" rule to let the girls work on during the week):
I know I've said it before, but we are so tired by Thursday night, I am always secretly glad when it's over and there haven't been any terrible tantrums - theirs or mine.

Everybody's Workin' For the Weekend!

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