Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Alas, A Bike Carrier Gone Awry

Well, we tried. H found a front rider-thingy for Rose #3 to ride bikes with me. He found it on Craiglist and I dutifully (and carefully, with cell phone in hand, etc.) went to pick it up after work tonight. And guess what - Rose #3 is too chunky! It is supposed to be good for babies up to 40 lbs. and although she is well below that, she is too big. Sigh. When I was biking with her in the seat my knees were bowing out in a most unfortunate manner. And, her little 2-year-old scalp was right under my nose. For an idea of what I mean, see this website.

We are always trying to find ways to get out on our bikes with the Roses. Maybe we should accept the fact that they are just too darned young!

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