Sunday, July 13, 2008

Live United!

Today we had a great day - we went to Uncle Andy's big event, Live United. It was an event to raise awareness and invigorate the United Way's presence in the community. And, it was really fun! I admit it, I wanted to get a Live United t-shirt. So, we (being me, Rose #1 and 2, Anna, Nadia, Heidi, Jay, Beatrice and Gus) went right at 1:00 when the event started! We brought some food for the food shelf, and met up with Guppy, Poppy, Tonya, Sam, Maddie, Grandma Rose, Grandpa Tom, Jacob, Cole and Jenny. And we saw lots of other people that I used to work with at United Way of St. Paul. The weather was gorgeous! They had lots of fun activities for kids (I'm sure Uncle Andy had a hand in that). Rose #1 had her face painted - she got Spiderman. (See below.) We had a great time and I am so proud of Uncle Andy. He did a great job. We left around 2:30 so the girls did not get completely exhausted.Speaking of exhausted, Rose #3 was not able to make it to Live United due to her nap commitments. Apparently she had a 3 hour nap! I guess she was a little sleep deprived. At the end of the evening she was feeling pretty saucy:
Rose #2 took it all in stride. As soon as we got to the event she was able to procure herself both a huge Jolly Rancher popsicle and a bag of Cheetos. Life was GOOOOOD!

Here is the gang after a great fun day and then an evening of playing with the neighbor kids:

If there was a Rose #4, this would be it. Nadia and the Roses are good buddies.
Here are Rose #1 and Nadia saying good bye:
I am so grateful to live in this fine city, near my family, and grateful too to have good, good friends. Whoever thought up the slogan Live United was really smart. United with friends and family, united with people we live near and among, united to help other people get the very basic things they need to stay alive and to thrive.

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