Friday, July 11, 2008

Babysitting Swap

After talking about it for a long time, we are now actually doing it: swapping babysitting with Uncle Andy and Aunt Tonya so we can each get one night out a month and we don't have to pay big babysitting $$$. Roses #1 - 3 love their cousins so it is actually easy for us to babysit - we just stay out of their way!

It is very hot here so we set up the sprinkler in the front yard. Rose #3 promptly fell in the dirt and had to go inside to wash her hands. Here she is looking pretty dishevelled:Maddie Kay is very photogenic. Her mama likes to take a lot of pictures, so she is used to it! We loved her frilly pink bathing suit:
Rose #1 and Sam played "double dare run through the sprinkler," which involved jumping over the sprinkler and sticking out their tongues. (I really wish I did not take a picture of those stupid garbage cans.)

"Thick as thieves." These cousins love each other so much:

Here is Rose #1 running through the sprinkler, with her cousin watching approvingly:

After the sprinkler got old (after only about 10 minutes! I thought it would be good for 30 minutes at least!!) we had Davanni's pizza, thanks to H for picking it up. And in a nod to good nutrition we also had grapes. We are rather low on groceries - we had no milk!! Everyone was happy with water. Ice water.
We are looking forward to a good weekend. We are going to Live United on Sunday. It is Uncle Andy's event and we want to support him, plus it is for a great cause.
I don't want to forget what we did yesterday - we went to visit Jill in the hospital! She is on strict bedrest with her twin baby girls and against the odds, she is doing well and the babies are doing well. The girls were so excited to see her; I felt badly that we had not gone to visit before now. Jill is very special to our family. We wish Jill, Tony and their babies nothing but happiness and health.
I am so grateful that my kids have their cousins in their lives, and that they love each other. I hope that they are always friends.

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