Saturday, July 12, 2008

Visit to the Farmers' Market

Today H and Rose #1 were gone at a soccer tournament, so after cleaning the bathroom (yuck) and the kitchen Roses #2 and 3 and I called up Guppy and went to the farmers' market! I had to bribe Rose #2 with the promise of a donut. She is in a very cantankerous stage (that has in all honesty really been going on since she was about 3). She has a hard time with transitions and especially has a hard time leaving the house. In the face of a donut and the prospect of wearing her beautiful white Old Navy sleeveless dress, however, she perked right up.

We got a pretty close parking space and walked over to the market. Both Roses had bags full of cheezits which were quickly forgotten as soon as we got the donuts! The farmer's market is always quite crowded and Guppy always sees someone she knows (today was no exception - a gentleman from our church greeted her between the honey stand and one of the fresh veggie stands).

I wasn't looking for anything in particular, although I ended up with lots of yummy veggies - tomatoes, green beans, broccoli and of course basil. Guppy got beets for her canning group at church. Guppy also got the Roses little handmade stuffed animals from one of the vendors' tables. They are magical little animals; Rose #2 picked out a snake for herself, and it is very sparkly with two small beady eyes. She loves the snake so much, she made a small bed for it (complete with a tiny pillow) at the foot of her bed tonight.

We had tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and basil leaves for dinner tonight. I love basil. I love tomatoes. Yum. The only thing that would have made the farmers market better would have been if we could have biked there. In a few years, maybe...

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