Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Roses Went on Cafesjian's Carousel

The authentic 1914 carousel is right across the street from mini golf, so we headed over there after playing 9 holes. Cafesjian's Carousel is an old fashioned carousel with the original horses (restored of course). The Roses and Guppy rode and I took a few pictures. Here is Rose #1 anxiously awaiting her ride: Here is Rose #2 on her horse. She and Guppy and Rose #3 were right next to each other:
Here is the only decent action shot I managed to get of Rose #1 during the ride. Really, the carousel ride is quite long and the music is very loud. I got kind of dizzy just watching the girls go round and round. I was glad that Guppy was riding and I was photographing:
And here is Guppy and Roses #2 and #3. They love their Guppy very much. Rose #3 relishes the way the word Guppy sounds when it comes out of her mouth, I can tell.

It has been a beautiful summer so far. The weather has not been very hot - in fact, we don't have our air conditioners in on the first floor or in our bedroom - and I hate being hot and humid. I am grateful for good weather and fun outings on a Saturday morning.

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