Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ready For Bed!

After Roses #2 and #3 got done with their bath, which they enjoyed immensely due to a present Guppy gave them today (a bath basketball game, which only inspired a few minor skirmishes in the water as to who got which ball etc.), Rose #2 dressed herself in the cutest jammies. I had to snap a picture:

Rose #3 had to get into the game, saying "Me Too! Me Too!" Her jammie is a third-generation hand-me-down, but it is still cute. It has Dora on it, and Rose #3 calls Dora "Doe Doe."
Rose #1 has graduated from baths to showers, and she took her shower earlier in the day. Here she is enjoying the end of a Harry Potter movie with her daddy.

I want to send a shout out to Uncle Andy and Aunt Tonya for watching our kids yesterday after work. Even though date night did not turn out exactly as we had hoped, we did get to go out to dinner at the Tea House. We decided it was a good idea to ask for recommendations from our server, and he promised food that was only a "bit" spicy. Six or seven chili peppers later, we had our dinner. Which was really quite good. H and I enjoyed our time together, and we are very grateful for the babysitting swap.

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