Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rose #2 Hates Tball

Well, it was bound to happen. Rose #2 did not want to go to tball today. "T ball is stupid. It is boring. And, it is just for practice." Well, yes. Tball, when you are 4, is just for practice. Practice being on a team, practice hitting and running, etc. Practice, practice, practice.

What is the right parenting message when your 4-year-old wants to quit t-ball? Between every inning she is getting a drink, eating chips, visiting us, etc. Tonight the end came when she concluded that her shoes were inoperable (the velcro was really separated from the strap, but they did still work). She lay down in the (somewhat crispy) grass and howled. H scooped her up and brought her home after telling her it was important to stick with things, play for your team, etc. and giving her a choice. She was too far gone to make the choice, and so she had to go home.

On one hand, maybe it should be OK for a 4-year-old to decide that t-ball is not for her. On the other hand, should we stick to our guns? Once you start something, you have to stick it out (it is not like I am forcing her to get an M.D. and she can't stand the sight of blood, or something similarly draconian - it is just 6 weeks of t-ball after all)? What is the right answer?

Of course, of course, I know, I know, there are no right answers. Just sending this muse out into the void.

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beepeterson said...

if you fidure it out let me know!