Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Roses Went to the Saints

Well, sort of. Tonight we went to a work event at the Saints game. Really, we went to the picnic beforehand and figured that since it was about 7:45 p.m. before people went into the game, we should probably duck out. Here is Rose #1 tossing her hair in the breeze at our picnic site:

Rose #2 really likes to strike a pose. I wish I caught a picture of her with one hand in the potato chip bowl and another hand in the Dorito bowl. She was in heaven. Plus she got to have two whole hot dogs and no one was bugging her to eat her veggies (there were no veggies!).

Rose #3 just charms the pants off everyone wherever she goes. She was playing a game of twirling around a tent post and falling into the rather dry dirt, which got her all grungy and gritty. But she still made lots of friends. At the end of the evening (well, the end of the evening for us!) I told her to wave "bye bye" and to say thank you, which she did in a most charming way. If you look carefully in the photo below you can see the aforementioned potato chip bowl and Dorito bowl:

I have been starting to venture into the Mommy blog world on the internet. I was reading the accounts of several women who had been to BlogHer, which is an annual convention of women who blog. One of these women said that it was really important to send our words out into the world. Even though almost no one reads this blog, I feel the same way about preserving the day-to-day things my kids say and do. It is so important to chronicle their stages and their development so I can know them better and love them for the way that each single cell of their little bodies is developing. Even if hardly anyone else is reading, I am. I am always thinking of them. I remember when I first knew H and his mother was telling me that everything she and H's father do is for their sons. At the time, I thought she was just being martyr-ish or somehow overdramatic. Now, I know.


Kathy said...

Hey Peg :) Your girls are gorgeously beautiful, wow! Your mom sent me your blog when I sent her my silly one. I couldn't fathom keeping up one like yours! Mine is a very short term commitment.

Tina and I will be there for Lauren's wedding and staying at your mom's. Hope to see you :)

Kathy, 1st cousin once removed to the Roses

Anonymous said...

Yes, tell your stories. For your girls, for your family, for those who will find you and share their stories too.