Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rose #1 Graduated From Kindergarten

Today, July 29, 2008, Rose #1 graduated from kindergarten. H and I, Guppy, Roses #2 and #3 and Tam and Aunt Boo went to the "Kindergarten Celebration." It was such a cute little program. The kindergarteners came into the gym and lined up on bleachers and sang three songs (Funwa Alafia, Sing a Little Song, and First Grade, First Grade - this latter sung to the tune of "New York, New York"). They also had a poem and a skit, in which Rose #1 had a line. Here she is on stage smiling big:
Here she is with the unflappable Mrs. Webster. Mrs. Webster prepared kindergarten diplomas for all the students, which was a nice touch:
Here is one of the songs with hand actions:
Here is the graduate herself, proudly displaying her diploma:
And finally, the three generation of women - let us not forget that without the elder two generations, Rose #1 would not be here:
I love you so much, Beanie Bean. First grade is big time! You are going to do so well.


John and Lisa Webster said...

Yeah! Congratulations Rose #1! I am so happy and blessed to have had you in my class this year!
As for the "unflappable" comment, my husband and I think it's hysterical! However, I'm glad that's what is seen by parents!
Thanks for sharing your blog, Peggy! I'll keep tabs on my favorite Rose #1 as she starts 1st grade!
Have a great break!

Rose #1 said...

it's funGA alfia not funwa