Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Aquarium is Ready

Look out, fish of the world (or fish of the local Petco): the aquarium is ready! We brought a water sample to Petco tonight and the nice fish lady tested the water for us. It is ready for fish! We got a bubbler and a couple of fake plants today. These eventual fish are going to have a pretty posh home, all 10 gallons of it. Guppy is going to bring Rose #1 fish shopping on Sunday. Guess what kind of fish we are going to get? (One hint: it starts with a "G" and ends with a "Y".)

Last night the father of the Roses and I had a birthday dinner (for me) at FireLake http://www.firelakerestaurant.com. H had prime rib and I had walleye. It was a lovely birthday dinner and thanks to Guppy for watching the Roses so we could celebrate my birthday.

Rose #2 has been enjoying her day camp experience at Camp Como http://www.comozooconservatory.org/edu/campfamilyprograms/campcomo.shtml. The class this week is called "In the Dirt," and is supposed to focus on animals that either live in the dirt or that eat insects. So far all we have been able to get out of Rose #2 is that she saw a bunny rabbit. Those dirt-loving bunny rabbits, I tell ya.

Rose #3 understands everything that we are saying. In the car tonight I was telling Rose #2 about how she would go to Camp Como tomorrow, and Rose #3 kept saying "Me?" "Me?" "Me?" Too bad they don't have day camp for almost 2-year-olds...

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