Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Fish Have Landed

Today we brought Guppy and Poppy to the Original Pancake House for breakfast for Poppy's birthday. Poppy's birthday was January 17. (We did not mean to take so long to take Poppy out for his birthday breakfast! Other things like Sunday school kept getting in the way.) Here are Guppy and Rose #1 at the restaurant:

Rose #2 likes to sit on Poppy's lap and borrow his reading glasses. Poppy has at least two pairs of glasses - the cheap $10 reading glasses kind, and the very very expensive bifocal kind. I hope that he always gives Rose #2 the cheap ones.

Rose #1 enjoyed the kid menu, which doubled as a coloring sheet. Rose #1 is old enough to keep herself occupied with crayons for quite awhile.

Rose #3, by contrast, can only play with crayons for about 36.2 seconds before she is literally jumping out of her skin. Here she is playing with Poppy:

We had an enormous amount of food. I took a picture of the table after we were done. It was very good (I had the senior plate, which Poppy ordered for me. I ordered his breakfast, which was two sunnyside up eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, and 3 pancakes. The only part of that breakfast I would actually eat is the pancakes.) After breakfast was over, we went to the pet store to buy The Fish. Here are Roses #1 and #3 looking at the available fish. I had to restrain Rose #3 several times from climbing up the fish tanks like a ladder.

Finally I put Rose #3 on my shoulder so she could see the upper level of tanks. We stared at the sharks for awhile. It is easy to get more ambitious about fish when you look at all the available varieties at the pet store.
We ended up getting 5 girl guppies (Rose #1 kept telling me they were tomboys, to which I responded, "tomfish"?) and 3 boy guppies. Guppy, the namesake of these fish, is really hoping that we will have fish babies. Here we are putting the bag of fish into the tank.
I am VERY pleased to report that none of The Fish have died (yet). Also that Roses #1 and #2 reached a compromise about the names of the snails. Rose #1 wanted them to be called Gary and Patrick; Rose #2 wanted them to be called Amelia and [some other girly name]. They compromised on Gary (aka Snail #1) and Amelia (Snail #2).

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