Monday, June 16, 2008

We Are Cut!!

On the same night that H was in Phoenix (see my earlier blog post titled Dinner Without Daddy) Aunt Boo and Baby Kate came over. Aunt Boo had her camera and took a few shots of the Roses showing off their muscles. The first shot was Aunt Boo and Rose #1 (a self-portrait):
Then we got down to serious business about showing off our muscles. Rose #1 really has PIPES!

Rose #2 is not quite as cut as Rose #1, but she got into the spirit of displaying her muscles. Normally she does not look quite this serious:

Poor old Rose #3 has not lost enough of her baby fat to actually have a 6-pack, or really any bicep muscles. But she got the concept. Here she is mainly showing off her belly (and her tongue):

We love having Aunt Boo and Baby Kate over. You come on over any time!

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