Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A T-Ball Game

Tuesday nights is t-ball, and Roses #1 and #2 are on the same team. The Giants! We struggle to get to the games on time, but we made it last night. We had a can of Pringles, a bag of candied pineapple, a water bottle, our REI chairs, and we were set. Rose #1 loves t-ball. Any sport where she can run after the ball and try to beat other kids to the punch is good with her. Here she is on the bench waiting for her turn in the batting lineup:Rose #2, on the other hand, struggles a bit to keep up with where exactly she is supposed to go and what she should be doing. Here she is, for once appropriately placed in the outfield:
Last night our kids only got one chance at bat (yes, in a 1 hour game). There are no outs at this age, so everyone who goes to bat gets to run the bases. Rose #2 did a pretty good job!

Rose #1 cracked a line drive down center field. Then she ran around the bases with her chestnut hair flowing behind her:

Guppy and Poppy came to the game and entertained Rose #3, who mostly wanted to drink the entire water bottle down to the dregs. I had to go back to the rec center to refill it!
I am very glad that we live so close to the rec center, we can walk to tball and to the park.

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