Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ice Cream Sandwiches, Pudding and...Roofing Tar?

While H went to run errands tonight, the girls had dessert! Here is Rose #1 enjoying a delicious ice cream sandwich. Rose #1 had a good day. I asked her what she learned at school today - "I forgot."
Imagine that you exist in a state of ALWAYS looking for your next sugar fix, but that you are at the whim of a horrible dictator who is always withholding the sugar. This is Rose #2's moment-to-moment existence ("Mom, can we have a treat? Mom, is there any candy? Mom, can I have dessert?"). She is so accustomed to hearing "No" that whenever she hears "Yes," it seems like a miracle. Doesn't she look smug?
Alas, by the time I got to Rose #3, the ice cream sandwiches were all gone. Never fear. Rose #3 got a pudding with squirty whipped cream on top.

Here you can see how she painted herself with pudding including on her dress.

Tonight we went to kindergarten roundup for Rose #2 (OK, it was pre-kindergarten roundup!). She was pretty excited to finally be at Rose #1's school for some reason other than to pick up Rose #1! It is probably wrong to say this but there is much less anticipation and drama attached to taking your second child to kindergarten roundup. I admit it - I did not even listen to the talk by the principal, nor did I take the "parent" bus ride (I guess this is aimed at parents so we can instill the importance of bus safety in our children).
On a final note, I am very sorry to announce the death of the first Fish. H noticed that there were in fact only 7 fish in the aquarium and he quickly located the unfortunate little creature. I could tell you where it was - it involves one of the snails (Gary or Amelia, we can't be sure) - but that would just be too yucky.
On a final, final note, I would like to send out a wish into cyberspace that the insurance adjuster on our homeowner's claim would call me. Tomorrow. And, that he would appear at my front door with a roofing harness, roofing nails, roofing tar (whatever that is), shingles, and a very, very tall ladder. I type this as it rains for approximately the 13th straight hour today. Sigh. Does anyone have extra buckets (for the leak in my roof that I know is developing as we speak)?

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