Monday, June 30, 2008

Dinner with friends

On Saturday night we had friends from our daycare days over for dinner. Rose #1 and their daughter are still really good buddies. They were together in the infant room at daycare so have known each other for 5 years! Whenever they see each other they pick right back up where they left off. My hope is that they can stay friends for a good long time, despite living in different cities (I know, St. Paul vs. Minneapolis, but it is hard to stay in touch with people that live on the next block!).

The highlight of our night, besides delicious dinner and good company, was that Ruhi's nightgown and Rose #1's jammies were of the same fabric and pattern. So, everyone changed into jammies, and H snapped a shot of the three big girls on the living room rug:
I think they have the sparkliest eyes and the widest smiles.

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