Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rose #2's Fourth Birthday Party

We had such a lovely party for Rose #2's fourth birthday! Her cousins, our neighbor friends, and friends from preschool came over on a lovely summer day. We all gathered for a picture, and as I sat next to H, I remarked that if it wasn't for us, the party would not have been possible. Not just in the conventional sense, of course (I filled out the invitations, mailed them, etc.) but also in the metaphysical sense. Without us, there would be no Rose #2, and without Rose #2, we would not be gathered here for a party. (OK, is this too deep for 9:51 p.m. on a Wednesday? Perhaps.)My sister Charity has become the family cakemaker. Below you can see the princess cake WITH the ladies-in-waiting cupcakes. I think the one on the far left looks curiously like Elizabeth Taylor!!
After the guests gathered we went to our local park. The kids really enjoyed playing under the bridge. Here are a few shots of them:

I only had to bring three girls back to go potty during the 20 or 25 minutes we were at that park. I guess this was my fault for not forcing all the children to go before we left! After we got back, it was time to open presents. H had the fine idea of putting the birthday girl and the friend whose gift was being opened on the steps. The other birthday guests sat on the rug in our living room.

After gifts we handed out the prize bags, which were comprised entirely of items from the $1 bin at Target. (Hooray for the $1 bin at Target.) I think everyone liked their prize bags and I did not feel like I was contributing overly to the propagation of cheap plastic toys in this world.

Here's to Rose #2. Four years old: what a big, big deal. I will never forget the MINUTE you were born, and how when they put you on my chest you were crying, but when your daddy spoke to you you quieted down and turned your head toward him like you had been waiting all of your life to hear his voice. You are such a sweet girl and yet so fierce and so bright. I love you with all my heart!

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