Friday, June 27, 2008

A long day

I have a demanding job (I won't say what it is here, since this is a blog about my children and family and not my work). Occasionally - more frequently lately than I would like - I have to stay at work late, and my husband H covers my evening "relieve the nanny" shift. It is such a blessing to know that I can call him in a panic and he will generally agree, quite cheerfully, to pick up my slack.

Here is something I have wondered about a lot. I sweat my work. Really. I work really hard, and I worry a lot about getting everything right. Yet, ask me what is the most important thing in the whole, whole wide world to me, and I will always say, hands down, every time: My family.

I don't obsess about how I should dress my children, or whether I structured the correct activities for them, or whether I am using the most perfected childrearing method for them. Yet what is the most important thing? Making sure that they are raised well, raised happy, raised healthy.

I wish there was a happy medium, or that I could just stop worrying about work.

On another note, yet in the same vein, I emailed my brother this morning to see if he was available for lunch. I had to cancel at the last minute (more work) and my dear brother picked up lunch at Subway and brought it to my office to have a picnic with me. I love: 6" tuna sub with extra pickles, cucumbers, and lettuce. I also love my brother!

I remember when I was pregnant with Rose #3 I craved Subway tuna subs. I know, the mercury in tuna, etc. I still ate them every week!

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Katy said...

Looks like I raised the kind of daughter with the kind of values that make me proud !