Friday, November 7, 2008

Cousins Halloween

I can't resist a couple more Halloween shots.  Here is a group shot of all the cousins who were able to make it through MND for MND trick or treating (next year B. Kate!).  Back row:  Rose #2, Rose #1, S the Scary Vampire #1 and B Scary Vampire #2.  Front Row:  G the Brave Lion, Rose #3, and M as Dorothy.

And here is an outstanding close-up of the Scary Vampires.   I really liked their hair - neither one has black hair in real life - and the blood effects!

Tonight we went to Guppy's house for dinner and stayed to let her guests from tonight in.  I could never run a B&B myself, but it is fun to experience a little bit of it vicariously.  The guest from tonight was in town for her 20-year college reunion and she has grown children!  I am not all that much younger than her and my kids are still so little.

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