Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dinner at Jill and Tony's

Tonight we had dinner at Jill and Tony's.  Jill and Tony have 8-week-old twin girls!  We were so excited to see the girls.  The last time we saw them was at Jill's baby shower, and that was a number of weeks ago.  They were both very alert tonight.  And cute!  Baby A in particular has hair that reminded us all of Rose #3 when Rose #3 was a little baby (picture very, very sticky uppy).

Here are a few shots from the fun we had.  Jill and Tony have a Wii, which Rose #1 LOVED.  I mean LOVED.  She figured out how to play bowling and got about 4 strikes!  I think in this shot they are playing baseball.

Here is Rose #3 and her beloved old (old meaning former, of course, not chronologically old!) nanny.  Rose #3 has a very good memory for a 2-year-old.  She knows exactly who Jill and Tony are. 
Here is Rose #3 and Baby B!  They do bear some resemblance to each other.  Baby B's dad is Asian just like Rose #3's.
And, here is a shot that Jill has been waiting to get for some time (so she said!).  The Roses and the N's (the real names rhyme in real life, which we figured out as we were pulling into our garage on the way home tonight.
Thanks to Jill and Tony for letting us descend upon you and transform your house with newborns into a house with newborns and big kids!

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