Thursday, November 6, 2008

One More Post

All right, I just want to say how proud I am of Rose #2. We went to her school conference tonight - she is in 4-year-old kindergarten - and her earnest teacher sat down with us to talk about how she is doing so far. Rose #2 is SO DIFFERENT than Rose #1. And, it is hard not to compare them! But I am going to try to avoid it if possible.

Rose #2 recognizes her capital letters, and she can count to twenty (almost - she usually skips 13 or 15). She can recognize facial expressions - happy, sad, mad, surprised. She is independent, can put on her own coat, etc.

Here's the newsflash: she is a huge social butterfly. She is very popular, says Mrs. S. She has a friend whose name we have never heard - Micah. Micah and Rose #2 are best buddies - they are like peas in a pod. They get separated at circle time because they like to chat so much. Who knew?!?!

I can't stand it that my own little HP is getting so big and is growing away from me. I know that she has to, it is natural, etc. But I can still be sad that my little baby girl is a big 4-year-old kindergartener.

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