Monday, November 3, 2008

Guppy's Birthday and a Second Halloween

We celebrated Guppy's birthday at MND tonight.  We had a delicious collection of food - Aunt Heidi made beef stroganoff (which I am told was delicious), Missy and Bill brought bread and cheese, Aunt Boo brough mango pineapple salsa, I brought the chicken dish, Eli and Brenna brought green beans, and Tonya and Andy brought spaghetti for the kids.  Charity brought the cake, of course. And, we all went in together to buy Guppy a big sign for the B&B.  It says Cathedral Hill Bed & Breakfast and in the middle it says 488.  It was Andy's idea.  Great idea Andy!
We also had the BECHAMP Halloween.  It was a little bit crazy having both the birthday and the Halloween celebration, and in fact the Roses came home and absolutely PASSED OUT from exhaustion.   Here is Aunt Missy reading the annual collection of Halloween stories to the cousins who were still standing by the end of the night:
A fabulous time was had by all.  

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