Sunday, November 2, 2008

A day of chores and rest

Yesterday was a day to have fun (sort of) and get things done.  We pulled out the large sectional in the living room and found, you guessed it, 3 ancient jellybeans from Easter (YUCK), approximately 6 ancient raisins (I HOPE they were raisins anyway), $0.48 in change, and a lot of sand.  Oh yes, dirty socks, toys, crayons, paper, books, and other "missing items."  I am always amazed at how the kids can fight about toys that have been living under the couch for at least 3 months.  They spring forth from under the couch in all their sandy glory and are immediately the subject of great envy by whomever is not holding them at that moment.

Yesterday the kids became involved in a complex candy trading game with the neighbor kids.  Rose #1, of course, cannot eat anything with peanuts or tree nuts in it.  To anyone who thinks that nut allergies are not "real," I invite you to witness Rose #1 vomiting, swelling and wheezing if she eats a "fun" size Snickers bar.  I never posted about the horrible peanut butter incident - in my defense, Rose #1 had been TESTED for peanut allergies and came out negative.  Rule #1 of allergy testing - it is not always right.  Anyway, there was a lot of elaborate negotiation about how much a Snickers was worth in Smarties (i.e., 3 Smarties for a Snickers?  4?  Who can know the math.)

Rose #2 was so strung out from sugar that she was basically a howling mess all day.  With any luck she will be sleeping until 8:30 this morning.  Oh yes - HA!  HA!  HA!  My kids NEVER EVER sleep past 6:00.  Especially on "fall back" morning.  Who thought up fall back anyway?  Might have made more sense when people actually went to bed when it gets dark.  Not anymore!  Now the kids schedules will be all messed up for a week or two or three.  Sigh.

Rose #3 is my only nosepicker and fingernail biter.  (I guess if you have to have a combination that's a good one to have.)  But she woke up from her nap yesterday with a very bloody nose and a bloody pillowcase.  Blecky.  Straight into the bath with Rose #3!

H bought a contraption yesterday that replaces plastic garbage bags for leaves in the fall.  It is a big tarp that ties up into a makeshift bag.  It is pretty neat and it saves us from having to throw away a bunch of plastic bags each year.  We have more raking and trips to the compost pile in our future for today.  Is it a little bit weird that I really like to trim branches?  We have a TON of branches in our backyard, waiting to go to the special compost place that takes tree trimmings.

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