Monday, November 17, 2008


Just typing the word (OK, acronym) does not give you a sense of how people really say it - it is like a word -  Mennnnnd.  It stands for "Monday Night Dinner," when - each week - my siblings and I and our families are all invited to my mom's house for dinner.  Tonight we celebrated Aunt Charity's birthday.  We drew Aunt Charity for birthdays this year - and she is so easy!  She loves to cook, so we got her a bunch of cooking items.  Silicon spatulas, a big glass measuring cup, a mini muffin tin, and the best gift - a spritz cookie maker.  Who knew you can make cheese straws in such a device?  What exactly is a cheese straw anyway?

Rose #3 saw her favorite uncle (above!) and positively lunged for him to sit on his lap.  Rose #2 was so cute in her new High School Musical 3 shirt (from the clearance rack at my favorite discount retailer).  Rose #1 organized all the cousins - well, all of them except B. Kate - to make a card for Aunt Charity.  And, we had a very tasty dinner - Grandma Goldman's chicken.

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