Thursday, November 20, 2008

What Should I Tell You?

About how I got home late from work, with groceries from Lund's, and our house was a total disaster area, like a train wreck, and H was sitting with the Roses on the floor playing Sequence for Kids?  And Rose #3 had peed on the rug and he was sitting with dishtowels all around him mopping up the pee?

Should I tell you about the sad thrown together dinner we had with bag salad, and the girls ate it like manna from heaven?  And Rose #3 said, after dinner, "Thank you for the dinner, Mommy and Daddy." 

Should I tell you about how 15 minutes sitting on the couch with H after the dishes were done felt like a moment of grace, and we had a good time just looking at the listings on craigslist for desks?

Should I tell you about how the thought of going to work tomorrow just makes me feel dead inside, and how leaving my girls behind makes me want to cry?  For an hour, or a day, or even a week?

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beepeterson said...

please will you quit?