Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hangin' Around on a Wednesday

Wednesday night is Daddy's Class Night.  Tonight I had ZERO motivation to cook dinner, so we had turkey ham, blueberry muffins, and green beans.  YUM.  Rose #1 is not feeling very well today, so she just had chicken noodle soup.  She excused herself from the kitchen during dinner and played a videogame (on  Something about HSM3?
Rose #2 has learned how to make herself chocolate milk.  This is very, very dangerous.  Every time I turn around she is getting the chocolate syrup and a large gallon jug of milk out of the refrigerator.  Here she is stirring her concoction.  Can you tell it is not her first glass of chocolate milk (see, e.g., the brown smudges around her mouth!):

And Rose #3 has chapped cheeks already!  It is only November and her cheeks are all rosy.  Doesn't she have the cutest little smile?
Finally, here are Roses #2 and 3 playing the scarf game.  The rules:  unknowable to anyone over the age of 5.  The object:  unknown.  The prize for first place:  a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, shrowded in an enigma!
If I could wish for anything more on a day like this, it would be more time.  Time with my girls.

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