Monday, November 24, 2008

Mellow (?!) MND

After yesterday's Thanksgivingpalooza, there was a smaller crowd at MND.   It was still quite loud!  The cousins - Roses and Sam and Maddie - were whooping it up all over the house.  They are not used to having the run of my mom's house because of the B&B, but there were no guests tonight.

We had a very good hamburger dinner (I had turkey sandwich) with thanksgiving leftovers.  Rose #1 tried the cherry pie tonight (and loved it, duh).  Rose #3 also tried the cherry pie and scarfed it down.  Rose #2, who is completely and utterly anti-fruit, would not even eat cherry pie.  Is cherry pie even fruit?

One downside to MND is that it makes our Mondays go really late.  I could hardly get in a word even with Rose #1 to hear about her school day.  I did hear that Roses #2 and 3 had a bath today - thanks to their nanny - who also introduced us to the wonders of baby oil for very, very dry skin.  All three of the Roses have heartbreakingly dry skin.  Rose #3 even has chapped cheeks.

I wish you could hear Rose #3 talking.  She can just talk up a storm.  And Rose #2, you can see the wheels turning behind her eyes.  And Rose #1, with her two rows of sharklike teeth (I kid you not, she has her two adult teeth in behind her two baby teeth on the bottom, and yes, we did have her checked at the dentist, and no they do not extract the baby teeth in that scenario).

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Anonymous said...

Your brother bought a whole house humidifyer for his two children who also get totally chapped all winter and they haven't had a problem yet!