Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rose #3 and My Curious George

Rose #3 is playing with my Curious George doll, which I have had for a long, long time.  Curious George accompanied me to Russia, among other places, and to each apartment I ever lived in, and to our first house, and now to this (hopefully our last) house.  Here is a direct quote from Rose #3:  "Monkey Poopy.  Change Diaper."  I don't know where she gets these ideas!

Rose #1 is sitting at her homework desk.  It is actually a desk that H bought for me, a small secretary, and we made the mistake of putting it in the TV room.  It became a repository for random cords and wires, a bunch of unused flashcards, and old Netflix wrappers.  We thought better of this and brought it downstairs over the weekend, and I swiped it off with pledge wipes.  Now it looks quite nice, and we finally organized our art supplies so the Roses have easy access to crayons, markers, etc. for their crafting needs.

Rose #2  is just at loose ends.  She is on a 2.5-week long break from school, and while pre-kindergarteners arguably need downtime, I think she could stand to get back to class.  Mrs. S's class reconvenes on December 1.  Thank goodness.

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